Accommodation, food outlet & entertainment establishment business licensing

How to licence your business

Anyone wishing to open an accommodation or entertainment establishment, or food outlet in eThekwini has to register with Business Licensing Department.

The purpose of this Unit is to ensure that all businesses in those sectors in eThekwini municipal area comply with the Business Act, 1991 (Act No. 71 of 1991) which states that no person/ business may conduct a business without a business license.  Businesses who fail to comply with the legislation, by trading without a licence and by contravening their licence conditions will be prosecuted”  IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO TRADE WITHOUT A LICENCE.  Members of the public are therefore urged to obtain a  business license before they open their businesses.

There are different requirements for opening up a business. For accommodation establishments the applicant needs to complete an application for an accommodation establishment, get special consent from the Town Planning Department, have the Title Deeds and Electrical Compliance Certificates.  A copy of the identity documents is also required.

Entertainment establishment applicants have to complete Provision of Health or Entertainment form. For food establishments, application must complete a sale or supply of meal or perishable foodstuffs form. They will need to have the original landlord’s signed consent, consent form the Town Planning Unit, relevant documents if applying under a company, copies of members Identity documents and Proxy letter for a person to submit/sign on behalf of the company.

The licenses are valid for as long as the business is in operation. It is renewable once a year by the end of January. A business license is issued subject to all the requirements being submitted and if the applicant complies with the requirements of all the Units, such as Health and Fire requirements. Tariffs are subject to change every financial year.

The licensing department also makes provision for amendments of a licence issued, or of a condition on the endorsement.

For more information you can contact the Business Licencing Unit on 031 311 4535.


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