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4 Types Of Clients Your Growing Business Can’t Afford To Work With

It may seem counter-intuitive, but firing certain types of paying customers could actually help your company grow. You’ve probably heard the saying “cash is king” 10 million times. Well, that’s because it’s a true statement – and it applies to businesses of all shapes, sizes and ages. But, for young businesses in particular, every dollar …

Knowing Credits from your Debits – Bookkeeping Basics

Accountants and bookkeepers record transactions as debits and credits while keeping the accounting equation constantly in balance. This process is called double-entry bookkeeping. Double-entry bookkeeping records both sides of a transaction — debits and credits — and the accounting equation remains in balance as transactions are recorded. For example, if a transaction decreases cash R25,000, then the …

Accountant vs. Bookkeeper: What Do They Do for a Business?

Small businesses require close tracking of expenses and cash flow. It’s important for business owners to ensure their finances are handled, which includes recording transactions and assessing or processing data. While this may seem easy enough to do independently, it can be more difficult and time-consuming than you realize. There are two types of financial …

Top 5 Disadvantages of not keeping your books in order

What happens if you don’t keep track of your books? Everyone around you continually stress the importance of keeping accurate business finance records. These reminders typically come in the form of positive reinforcements—all the things great bookkeeping habits and practices allow you, a small business owner, to do. But what about the downside? What can happen if you …

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